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About Us

MeetingAdo was designed and coded by Canadian-American Ian McKenzie (left) after feeling both dehumanized and dehumanizing others when scheduling meetings with people using apps with impersonal interfaces and impersonal greetings — all the while the branding shoves THEIR business branding in your face, instead of your own!

On the right of Ian is Hashim Alsherif, an up-and-comer in the Saudi Arabia tech scene. He knows Ian has a great product and was shocked to learn he just keeps it to himself. Hashim spends his days wrangling Ian like a sheep dog would a flock. When he's not doing that, he's being his best self bringing your awareness to this app.

Both Hasim and Ian have decided to limit how many users we allow to sign up so that we don't grow too fast. Growing beyond our available capacity will compromise service quality and betray our philosophy of ignoring unseen harm for the sake of money.